Tellonym. Tellonym App Review

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The Google Play store states the app to be restricted to users from age 17 upwards Reviewed by Merche Contreras Translated by Lauren

Tellonym App Review

How does the Tellonym app work? Tellonym can connect you with your friends or with other users from all over the world to create a large pool of questions, answers and messages to pique your curiosity and excite you to get to know other members of the community.

How to pronounce tellonym
Moreover, getting a real and honest opinion about something or about yourself is almost impossible
What is the Tellonym app?
Being able to be anonymous while posting things on here resulted into something that was probably not meant for this app! Tellonym is a platform very similar to Ask, where users can create completely anonymous profiles that can be used to post questions and comments without anybody recognising or judging them
Tellonym : u/Gigi189
The app actually does a decent job of promoting good behavior and appropriate use
Now you can install Tellonym for PC with BlueStacks App Player either by finding Tellonym application in google playstore page or by downloading apk file Some messages seem to taunt users to consider suicide
This will allow them to focus on some other important activity and reduce the risk of being exposed to dangerous social vices All that can be transferred is messages in text format only

How to pronounce tellonym

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Tellonym for PC Windows or MAC for Free
Read the developer's for details on how your or your kids' information is collected, used, and shared and any choices you may have in the matter, and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change
‎Tellonym: Honest Q&A, Feedback on the App Store
These reports help you to know if your kid is obsessed or addicted to the app
Tellonym 3.0.5 for Android
However, that is not enough as kids are smart, and it just takes an option to input the wrong age
However, according to Tellonym terms and conditions, Tellonym states that an average user should not be less than 13 years of age Host a Positive Social Media Zoom Training For Your Organization Our remote presentations and website teaches over a million students each year how to shine online
In addition, the app has a content rating of Teen, from which you can decide if it is suitable to install for family, kids, or adult users The PYE team has performed over 1,300 presentations at schools, churches, and nonprofits and was featured in the Childhood 2

Tellonym : u/Gigi189

The real pleasure here is its ability to message anonymously without the need to register an account.

The Tellonym App Encourages Students to be Anonymous Online
Townsend Requires Android: Android 5
Tellonym : u/Gigi189
This app is in the and is not safe for your student to use
How to Install Tellonym for PC
They can also report inappropriate messages through a built-in reporting system