Who won the elections. What if the renegade Arizona audit declares Trump won?

First, the public has no idea who is paying for the audit Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic Further information: , , and Several events related to the 2020 presidential election were altered or postponed due to the ongoing and its effects such as the stay-at-home order and guidelines by local governments
Almost half Biden's gains came from the four largest counties — Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Cobb — all in the Atlanta metro area with large Black populations Finally, when it comes to results and any other election-related information, make sure you are getting your information from trusted sources

Presidential Elections

The president, vice president, and several Republican members of Congress said a full Supreme Court bench was needed to decide the upcoming election.

Joe Biden wins the US presidential election
As part of an organized effort by Republican lawmakers to challenge the results in close states, the House and the Senate were meeting separately to debate the results of Arizona's election and accepting the electoral college ballots submitted
Peru leftist Castillo claims election win as Fujimori fights result
On June 20, 2020, Trump's campaign held , after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the event could go ahead despite continuing concerns over COVID-19
Joe Biden wins the US presidential election
In Arizona, where Biden's lead was shrinking as more results were reported, the pro-Trump protesters mostly demanded that all remaining votes be counted, while in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Trump's lead shrank and disappeared altogether as more results were reported, they called for the count to be stopped
Logan, but I was not aware of what the SOS observers are claiming to have been told by Mr He secured a total of 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232
Sanders issued a statement after the news report, saying in part, "I don't care, frankly, who Putin wants to be president A challenge in was successful for the Maine Republican Party, but the stayed the ruling pending appeal on September 8, 2020

Presidential Elections

Supreme Court, asking them to overturn the results of the Pennsylvania election and direct the state legislature to appoint electors.

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The passed a bill in August 2019 adopting RCV both for presidential primaries and for the general election
Peru leftist Castillo claims election win as Fujimori fights result
In addition, while some House Republicans tried to defend Trump's Georgia call, Democrats began drafting a
Election Results
If he were on the floor trying to count ballots himself, Smith said, he believed he would be making mistakes under those conditions The winner within each congressional district gets one electoral vote for the district
Here's of reasons he won Like Pennsylvania, Michigan — where polls in almost the entire state will close at 8 p

Most Arizona Republicans say election audit will show Trump won: poll

During the first week of December, Trump twice phoned the of the , urging him to appoint a replacement slate of electors; the speaker said he did not have that power but later joined in a letter encouraging the state's representatives in Congress to dispute the results.

Arizona election audit will show Trump won, majority of Republicans believe, poll shows
The death of Justice Ginsburg resulted in large increases in momentum for both the Democrats and Republicans
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It was later reported that the reference to Trump had not been in Ratcliffe's prepared remarks as signed off by the other officials on the stage, he had added it on his own
Joe Biden admits who he believes really won the 2020 election
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