S21 samsung. Samsung Galaxy S21 5G & S21+ 5G

In video, autofocus switching isn't as fast, but when it grabs focus it seems to hold on to it Zooms in to focus on the S21 Plus 5G and S21 5G rear cameras
Disclaimer: Image simulated for illustrative purposes She unlocks the phone multiple times using the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G & S21+ 5G

But it's the thumbnail preview that sells me on it.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
S21 Plus 5G phones in Phantom Pink, Phantom Black and Phantom Silver join from the left and fan out, then come back together
Galaxy S22 vs. Galaxy S21: The newest rumors about Samsung's next flagship
He opens the Camera app and takes photos in different angles
Action-packed and super-smooth Super Steady begs for action He places his finger on the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone and scrolls through the browser
The only downside is that it outputs an HD video The Galaxy S22 Ultra is to come with a

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Designed to revolutionize video and photography, with beyond cinematic 8K resolution so you can snap epic photos right out of video.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G & S21+ 5G
But this isn't the hollow-feeling plastic you found on phones five or six years ago
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G & S21+ 5G
The sky outside gets dark and the SUV is driving along the beach
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
She uses Director's View to record the road ahead of her and her driving at the same time